Quality of Life. At its best, Moab can be a haven for those who like to live modestly and enjoy a good life centered around the outdoors and a robust community. At its worst, Moab can be an abrasive theme park fueled by outside investment and serving outside interests. I want to grow my family in the best version of Moab, and I believe that we can course correct to a more balanced economy and ecology and preserve quality of life for those who live and work here. This includes continuing to mitigate the impacts of ATVs on our residential streets and proactively manage tourism at a scale that is sustainable for our community and our environment.

Housing. Rents have at least tripled since my first Moab winter in a cozy single wide using scavenged tamarisk kill and construction scraps for firewood. Home sale prices have skyrocketed. Market forces would have us rapidly expand second homes and overnight rentals. We need to use every tool available and pay attention to what other cities and towns are doing successfully to ensure housing security for those that live and work here.

Climate change and resource protection. We are witnessing climate change in action across the globe and in our own backyard. We can expect the west to become hotter and drier, with the continued effects of wildfires on our air quality and drought on our watershed. If elected, I will consider all city policy through this lens, pushing for action that solves not just today’s problems but those our children will face decades down the road.